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Established in 1985, Animate was the first-ever major retail and wholesale firm for Japan hobby characters and collectible toys in Hong Kong. Animate has a rather humble origin. Our first store was located in a small shopping arcade in Mongkok. Since many event-only and informally distributed toys were not available in Hong Kong back then, this mother store of Animate soon became a Mecca of youngsters and Japan-mania. And we also became the key retailer in Hong Kong for these rare chases.
MacPherson Animate circa 1997.
Causeway Bay Animate in late 90's
Prince Edward Book Store in 2001
Toys are sophisticated objects which should not be treated as something naïve.” — is the motto of Animate. This belief sharply contradicts the traditional view towards toys. However, the TV broadcasting of Ultraman and Kamen Rider deeply planted the seeds of Japanese animation and collectible toy culture in the minds and souls of youngsters in

The lifesize Ultraman figure by Bandai
Now, Animate is running 5 specialty stores (4 combined stores, 1 book and magazine store) in the hottest spots of Hong Kong like Mongkok and Causeway Bay. Our retail department has over 30 in-store staffs who are supported by experienced marketing, logistic and warehouse teams in our Hong Kong headquarter. New products are directly shipped from Tokyo to Hong Kong via express every day. All goods arrive at our warehouse in the morning making sure that our stores are in sync with our Tokyo counterparts. We understand the importance of having products available in a timely fashion. All our toys and magazines are on shelf the same day as they are in Tokyo! We keep you staying at the forefront of the hobby trend.
the 70’s Hong Kong. And thank to the highflying economy in the 80’s, Hong Kong people began to look for finer things in life. These seeds have then grown into a reckonable force in shaping Hong Kong’s pop culture. Animate has also been growing up alongside with our supporters. During these 23 years, we have been providing our fans with unlimited access to happiness and fun through the media of toys and collectibles.

Our sister company in Japan, Genesis Company Japan Limited, has a toy and figure specialty store, Uchusen, in Akihabara, Tokyo. Uchusen has been participating in many toy shows and events in Tokyo, like Wonderful Festival and Super Festival. To find out more about Uchusen, please visit
Animate is the retail section of Genesis Company based in Hong Kong. Besides, Genesis has a wholesale section as well. We distribute toys and magazines not only to local retailers but also a major convenience store chain in Hong Kong. For more details of our service to global clients, please contact our sales division at
Animate Flagship Store, Mongkok, Kowloon

Our newest division,, is an online store aims at bringing people around the globe to the world of collectible toys. Besides everything that we have in our retail stores, e-animate also provides daily market news, new item updates and hot product previews — all first hand from Tokyo! The one you are surfing now is only the pre-launch version. The brand new version of is coming soon!